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Oil painting | Oil on canvas | Strength and grace

Oil painting | Oil on canvas | Strength and grace

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Product features:

  • 📏 Size: 80cm x 60cm
  • 🎨 Material: High-quality oil paints on canvas
  • 👩‍🎨 Artist: Laura Gilliar, exclusively for DEIVI Art
  • 🖼️ Framing: Unframed, offers you the freedom to choose a frame according to your taste

🌌 Description: This oil painting depicts a majestic lioness and an elegant crane in an idyllic mountain landscape at night. The combination of bold oil colors and delicate depiction brings the scene to life, highlights the beauty of nature and symbolizes the unity between strength and grace.

📜 Poem for the oil painting "Strength & Grace":

In the lioness, her eyes hide the power,
which Mother Nature creates with grace.
In the indigo sky there is a star poem,
that promises fulfillment of dreams in the distance.

Those verses are reflected in the whirlwind of nature,
In the magic that the lioness, Tima, experienced.
Grace, the crane whispers in her ear
"Heaven and earth are a boundless choir"

They found a deep wisdom there,
Everything is one, everything is connected.
Because the wind never rests, but unites everything
and the moonlight shines into the hearts of all!

Where mountains frame the earth and stars the sky,
Everything has a meaning, everyone has a name.
Watch how colors and plants make music
and be inspired by Tima and Grace.

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I'm Laura and the artist from team DEIVI!

With the vision of conveying ancient wisdom teachings through art, your ideas are at the right place here at DEIVI. Whether special spiritual symbols or individual concepts - at DEIVI you will find artistic support. We are constantly expanding our range and are happy to develop new motifs together with you.