Team Deivi

We are Laura & Raquel, childhood friends who have reunited. Laura delved into Kung Fu and Taoist philosophy in China, while Raquel explored yoga and Buddhist wisdom. Our vision of leading people to inner harmony and closeness to nature connected us as business partners. Laura's creativity and Raquel's vision for sustainable entrepreneurship complement each other like Yin & Yang.

Our values

Sustainability has a special meaning for us because it is in line with the principles of the ancient wisdom teachings that we like to share.

Our values ​​at a glance

Organic cotton & recycled materials

Our textiles are made from natural fibers such as organic cotton that come from sustainable plantations. Our Belgian supplier attaches great importance to environmentally friendly and fair production of its products. For this reason, the factories meet the requirements of the Fair Wear Organization.

Resource-saving production

In order to avoid excessive production and to conserve resources, we only produce after we receive the order. Production takes place in Germany and the products are shipped directly to our customers.

Vegan & organic color

We use water-based printing inks for our digital printing. These are free of harmful substances, biodegradable, vegan and safe for small children. They meet the most stringent global industry standards and safety requirements.

Plastic-free packaging & climate-neutral shipping

We consciously choose plastic-free packaging for our products. Our shipping partner DHL offers climate-neutral shipping to offset emissions. DHL's "Go Green" environmental protection program includes climate protection projects that address the risks associated with transportation

Green electricity from 100% renewable energies

In addition, we only use green electricity from 100% renewable energies for our production. This underlines our commitment to conserve limited raw materials and not generate radioactive waste. We get our energy from MONTANA, a TÜV-certified provider of renewable energies.

Favorite DEIVI motif

Drawing and art have always been my passion. The philosophy behind traditional martial arts has had a strong influence on my artistic style. I love combining these wisdoms with my art. My favorite Deivi motif is the Tai Chi motif. It reminds one that strength lies in stillness and that we can cultivate anything as long as we don't stop believing.

Favorite DEIVI motif

During my training to become a yoga teacher, I realized that I wanted to be an entrepreneur who could make a positive difference and inspire people to believe in themselves. My favorite Deivi motif is the Koi fish Yin & Yang. It reminds us that we swim in harmony with life's changes. Nothing is absolute and everything is complementary.