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The importance of Wushu and Kung Fu in martial arts

Before we delve into the origins, development and philosophical foundations of the internal and external martial arts, let's take a look at the terms Wushu and Kung Fu and their exact meaning.

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Wushu: The generic term for Chinese martial arts

Wushu acts as the all-encompassing term for all Chinese martial arts, including Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong and Sanda Shaolin Kung Fu. In the West, we tend to incorrectly use the term "Kung Fu" as a collective term for these martial arts. However, in reality, Wushu refers to the art of fighting itself.

Kung Fu: The Art of Excellent Implementation

Contrary to popular belief in the West, the term "Kung Fu" not only stands for martial arts, but also for the art of carrying out an activity over a longer period of time with consistency and endurance. Good Kung Fu means carrying out an activity of the highest quality and thereby achieving excellent results.

For example, a baker can have good Kung Fu if he bakes exceptional bread, as can a carpenter who makes high-quality furniture, or an artist who paints impressive pictures. The essence of good Kung Fu lies in the ability to achieve a task beyond mere aesthetics, particularly relevant to the practices of Tai Chi Chuan.

The development of the term "Kung Fu" in the West

In the 1960s, the term "Kung Fu" became associated with the martial arts in the West, particularly through traveling masters who demonstrated their impressive skills. Perfect masters of their martial arts, they became known as “Kung Fu Masters.” The popularity of kung fu masters was further boosted by films by legends such as Bruce Lee, which further associated the term with martial arts.

Wushu and Kung Fu: The Connection in Martial Arts

Wushu, literally translated as martial arts, includes basic movements such as kicks, punches, throws, twists and holds. While mastering Wushu is necessary for combat, it is better Kung Fu that holds the key to victory. A student should therefore carefully observe his Kung Fu in all aspects of his life.

I hope this article helped you understand these two terms a little more clearly ;)

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