Qi: Die Lebenskraft, die Universum und Existenz durchdringt - Deivi

Qi:The life force that permeates the universe and existence

In Taoist philosophy, Qi is one of the most important concepts. But what is this Qi? Exactly how and where can you find it and how does it influence us and our environment? Here I will describe to you what exactly Qi means to me.t.



"Qi (pronounced 'Chi') to me is like the heartbeat of the universe, the life force that flows through everything. Like an inner song that keeps us alive and enlivens our world..

Every being needs this Qi, just as we need air to breathe.

There is this 'good' Qi that controls negative energy like a gentle breeze that dispels darkness. It lives in us and in nature, in trees, sun, earth, food. Qi flows through nature and can be nourished through Qi Gong and Tai Chi..

But there is also a 'negative' side, dark clouds that can cloud our inner being. In abandoned places, hospitals, the smell of decay. This energy touches us, makes us melancholy and sad. The body also reacts to these influences..

The balance of Qi is key. If it is too strong, it becomes yang; if it is too weak, it becomes yin.

Qi shows itself as heat, light, electromagnetic force. With Qi Gong, it is not the Qi itself that is warmed, but rather the touch of energy. It finds its way, from high to low..

Plants carry their own Qi, depending on the species and location. Animal Qi varies depending on species and state of mind.

The silence in the mountains, the flow of the trees, here I find my balanced Qi and help my health..

Stones, wood, water, fire all flow with Qi. Our own Qi, it varies depending on place and time..

Hourly, daily, monthly, a constant flow that lasts from the blink of an eye to eternity..

In Taoism, change is the law. Like leaves in the wind, Qi is constantly in motion.


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