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Vishuddha Chakra | Art Print | Sustainable Wall Art

Vishuddha Chakra | Art Print | Sustainable Wall Art

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Find the voice of your inner truth with our Vishuddha Chakra art print. This inspiring artwork radiates in and reminds you to find your authentic voice and express your thoughts and feelings.


💙 100% DEIVIS Original Art: This art print was designed with dedication by our artist to capture the essence of the Vishuddha Chakra.

🖼️ Fine-Art-Print in gallery quality: Presented on high-quality 180 g/m² paper with a satin finish to showcase the calming blue tones and details of this artwork optimally.

🌟 13-color digital print (borderless): Our advanced 13-color printing technology ensures that every element of this artwork is reproduced in vibrant colors and impressive clarity. The borderless print allows you to enjoy the entire image without distractions.

The Vishuddha Chakra art print reminds you to elevate your inner voice and express your truth. Order now and let this artwork strengthen your throat chakra and bring a harmonious energy to your space.

Please note: The actual dimensions of the posters may vary by a few millimeters from the specified dimensions due to production reasons.
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I'm Laura and the artist from team DEIVI!

With the vision of conveying ancient wisdom teachings through art, your ideas are at the right place here at DEIVI. Whether special spiritual symbols or individual concepts - at DEIVI you will find artistic support. We are constantly expanding our range and are happy to develop new motifs together with you.