Der Kampfkunst-Gruß: Eine Gestik mit Geschichten und Werten - Deivi

The martial arts greeting:a gesture with stories and values

Respect is a basis for peaceful coexistence and is the top priority in Asian martial arts. This is used, among other things, through the hand greeting and the slight bending forward before and after training with his master.
Chinese SYMBOL

The greeting in Kung Fu is much more than just a gesture of politeness - it is a window into a rich history and deep symbolism. Originally used as a symbol for the courageous Ming revolutionaries, it tells of the longing for freedom and change. The closed fist represents the rising sun, the open palm represents the moon. Together they form the emblematic Ming symbol.n.

Today the meaning of the greeting is diverse. The open hand symbolizes an open heart that is ready to listen and learn. The clenched fist, on the other hand, embodies strength, endurance and the perseverance that exists in every student. It represents the scholar and the fighter in us, a reminder that we carry different aspects within us and can combine them harmoniously.

But the meaning of the gesture goes even further. Each finger represents a part of the hierarchy and expresses a connection with the cosmos. The thumb, which represents the sky, is slightly bent as a sign of humility and recognition that the sky is above us. This depth of meaning reminds us of the importance of respect, reverence and connection.

Another key point encoded in this gesture relates to the concept of WuDe of moral integrity in martial arts. This morality is divided into two spheres: the morality of actions and the morality of the mind. Humility, respect, integrity, trust and loyalty form the moral basis, while will, fortitude, perseverance, patience and courage constitute spiritual morality..

Ancient wisdom and moral foundations are deeply rooted in martial arts. Every fist shape and every movement was carefully developed and carries a wealth of knowledge. The welcoming gesture is a living example of the depth and complexity that characterizes martial arts. It shows that behind the external movements and techniques lies a world full of philosophical principles and moral values ​​that inspire the practitioner and accompany them on their journey to inner strength and wisdom.

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