Die Tiefe des Dao: Ergründung des Ursprungs und der Selbsterkenntnis in der Daoistischen Philosophie - Deivi

The Depth of the Dao:Exploring the Origin and Self-Knowledge in Daoist Philosophy

Daoist philosophy contains a fascinating examination of the origin of creation. At the center is the Dao, as the source of being, which defies accurate description. The unity of existence and non-existence, duality and the path to self-knowledge are central themes. The concept of “Tai Chi” embodies the harmony between Yin and Yang. This introduction provides insight into the profound connection between Daoist philosophy and the pursuit of inner knowledge.
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The investigation of the origin of creation is of paramount importance in Daoist philosophy. The Dao embodies the origin of being and evades verbal representation due to its sublime dimension. An attempt to capture its comprehensive essence would only diminish it.

The intangible essence of the Dao also symbolizes its perfection, in which the roots of existence and non-existence are anchored. From this a path unfolds that can only be followed through the primal power of the need for self-awareness. Through this dynamic, duality emerges from the unity of all existence. The Dao reveals dualism, which reflects cosmic knowledge in the sense of self-experience. In order to gain knowledge of the unity of all life, there is a need for exchange between the maternal unity and the paternal experience. Thus all creation returns to the Dao. The concept of “Tai Chi” represents this supreme principle of creation. Between the soft Yin, which symbolizes the outgoing maternal unity, and the hard Yang, which represents the complementary paternal experience, a rhythmic exchange arises that underlies life. The wisdom of this principle shows the path of harmony on the way to the longed-for self-knowledge.

This path leads inwards to the origin of creation. The experiences of the external world are rooted in a spiritual origin. The true mastery of being lies in recognizing the harmony in the exchange of both worlds and thus their unity. Under the highest principle, "Tai Chi" becomes the art of inner teaching. The consistent desire for self-awareness and the creation of harmony presents the learner with significant challenges. Entering this path is called "internal martial art" in Daoist philosophy. On the path to self-mastery, one gains increasingly deeper insights into the nature of the Dao, up to and including its conscious fusion with one's own self.

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