Die Kraft von Dan Tian: Innere Energie im Daoistischen Verständnis - Deivi

The Power of Dan Tian: Inner Energy in Daoist Understanding

"Dan Tian" roughly translates as "Field of Elixir" and refers to specific areas in the human body where internal alchemical transformations of essence, breath and spiritual energy (Jing, Qi and Shen) take place. The Dan Tian are divided into lower, middle and upper Dan Tian.

The Lower Dan Tian: The first Dan Tian, ​​also called the lower Dan Tian, ​​is individually located about 2.5 to 4 centimeters below the belly button. It is considered the source of human energy and houses the primordial Qi or Water Qi, which arises from the primordial Yin essence. This Qi is distributed through twelve meridians in the body, supported by eight other vessels that regulate the flow of Qi. Two of the "eight extraordinary canals" form a circle, running from the lower teeth to the perineum (conceptual vessel) or from the perineum over the back of the head to the upper teeth (governor's vessel).

The Middle Dan Tian: The second Dan Tian is located in the solar plexus and serves as the production and accumulation site of postnatal Qi. This postnatal Qi arises from the Yin essence of external influences, depending on food, air, sleep and emotions. To support the flow of energy, the center can be opened through focused breathing and muscle relaxation.

The Upper Dan Tian: The third Dan Tian lies between the eyebrows and is called the upper Dan Tian. Spiritual energy accumulates here and is stimulated through concentration and focused gaze. Positive thoughts can regulate the Qi energy in this center and uplift the spirit. Adequate energy supply is crucial for mental concentration, judgment and emotional balance.

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