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Crown Chakra | Sahasrara Chakra | Organic T-Shirt | Ladies

Crown Chakra | Sahasrara Chakra | Organic T-Shirt | Ladies

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Immerse yourself in the spiritual world of the Sahasrara Chakra with our unique Sahasrara Chakra T-Shirt. This special piece of clothing combines style and deeper spiritual meaning in a truly unique way.

🌟 The Sahasrara Chakra symbolizes the crown chakra and represents unity, enlightenment, and spiritual connection.

✨ Made from high-quality organic cotton, the T-shirt not only offers ultimate comfort but also sustainability and environmental consciousness.

🌈 The unique design has been carefully handcrafted, combining artistic elements with the deep symbolism of the Sahasrara Chakra. Each T-shirt tells a story and reflects the beauty and wisdom of this chakra.


🌿 Made of 100% organic cotton: Soft, sustainable, skin-friendly.

🌬️ Lightweight material with 155 g/m² for comfortable wearing conditions.

🌀 Fitted cut, neck tape, set-in sleeves for wearing comfort.

🌟 High-quality workmanship for long-lasting durability. Wear not just a T-shirt, but open yourself to the spiritual connection and enlightenment of the Sahasrara Chakra.

Order our Sahasrara Chakra T-Shirt now and let your spiritual journey be expressed while supporting sustainability.

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    I'm Laura and the artist from team DEIVI!

    With the vision of conveying ancient wisdom teachings through art, your ideas are at the right place here at DEIVI. Whether special spiritual symbols or individual concepts - at DEIVI you will find artistic support. We are constantly expanding our range and are happy to develop new motifs together with you.