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Dei's World | Art print | Sustainable wall art

Dei's World | Art print | Sustainable wall art

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In 'DEIVIS WORLD' the beauty of passion, the moon, the sun, the stars, the sea, love and eternity awakens in artistic splendor. This unique art print is a masterpiece of original DEIVI art and invites you to discover the rich diversity of life. Order now and be inspired by 'DEIVIS WELT'. 🌍🎨✨"


🎨 Experience art in its purest form with a gallery-quality fine art print of Deivi's art.

🖼️Captured with the finest fine art print and 13-color digital print, it brings the magic of eternity into your rooms.

🌍 This art print captures the deep meaning of our existence in a rich color palette.

Note: The actual dimensions of the posters may differ by a few millimeters from the specified dimensions due to production reasons.

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I'm Laura and the artist from team DEIVI!

With the vision of conveying ancient wisdom teachings through art, your ideas are at the right place here at DEIVI. Whether special spiritual symbols or individual concepts - at DEIVI you will find artistic support. We are constantly expanding our range and are happy to develop new motifs together with you.