Die Werte von "Wude" in den Kampfkünsten - Deivi

The values ​​of"wude"in martial arts

Wude it is the idea of ​​the ethics and morals of martial arts. We talk about the morality of actions and the morality of the spirit.



Wude, often translated as "martial ethics" or "martial virtue", forms the moral foundation of martial arts. Here we examine the morality of actions and the morality of mind, which play a key role in Chinese martial arts philosophy.

The morality of actions:

The morality of actions plays a crucial role in traditional martial arts. Only students who act morally are worthy of education. Respect (JìngYì) forms the basis that must not be demanded but rather earned through personal action. Trust (XìnYòng) and loyalty (ZhōngXīn) must be built and require continuous work. Modesty (QiānXùn) and righteousness (ZhèngZhí) serve to control pride and act reliably and responsibly.

The morality of the mind:

Morality of Mind aims at self-education, a key to personal improvement. Dealing with the “emotional mind” and the “wise mind” is crucial. A strong will (YìZhì) is a visible result of perseverance (YìLì), perseverance and patience (NàiXīn). These characteristics prevent overestimation of oneself and promote deep understanding in training and in everyday life. Courage (YŏngQì) requires strength of character, independent thinking and awareness of values, whereby the courage to act and not act is equally important.

Wude's values ​​shape not only martial arts, but also character and consciousness, and should be the goal of every martial artist.

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