Die Bedeutung der Schlange : Weisheit, Heilung und Symbolik - Deivi

The meaning of the snake:wisdom, healing and symbolism

The snake is a special animal with many mystical meanings. Since it is very close to the earth's energy due to its movement on the earth, it represents the life force and the primal energy.
Snake Schlange Chinese symbol Icon
Additionally, the snake is often considered a power animal or spirit animal, and it has healing abilities for both itself and others. With their dexterous and rapid movements as well as their excellent sensory organs, snakes are always aware of their surroundings, giving them sophistication and skill - a source of inspiration for many martial arts. It not only embodies life force, but also represents rebirth, transformation, immortality and healing. A powerful symbol is the Ouroboros, a snake biting its own tail, representing eternity and the constant renewal of life. The snake embodies both the creative and destructive power of the earth, and in China and the internal and external martial arts that originate from China, snakes are one of the five poisonous animals. These symbolize deceit, but also wisdom and intelligence. Immerse yourself in the complex symbolism of the snake and discover its profound meaning in martial arts..
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